Freelance Cameraman


Experience with PSC/ENG cameras and accessories on location and in a multi-camera studio shoot.

Happy operating or assisting, I’m able to prepare a number of cameras of other operators or my own assigned kit, ready to roll, in either case, quickly and efficiently.

I work with most major SD and HD video formats and cameras, including Sony XDCAM EX, Panasonic P2 and Arri Alexa as well as the smaller format cameras such as the Sony Z1 or EX1 or Panasonic DVX or HVX also with HD-DSLRs, GoPro and minicams.

Skill set and familiarity

A strong factual production background gives me an eye (and ear) for content. A management background, prior to moving into media gives me valuable goal, time and people management skills.

I’m happy to, and indeed feel that it’s part of my role, to give feedback and suggestions on every shoot whether I have sole responsibility for camera, or working for a senior crew member.

Ultimately though I’m a facilitator. I’m there to photograph what you want, how you want and when you want

I’m constantly looking to expand my skill set and attend training when I can, including;

Directors course in Motion Picture Production (Brighton Film School)

3-day 3D “Boot Camp” (BBC Studios/Sony)

Practical Lighting Skills 3-day Workshop (Arri Academy)

Grammar of Documentary Editing (Documentary Filmmakers Group)

First Aid at Work; Emergency Aid

Creative Industries Safety Passport (PSP)

I can rig and monitor basic sound operations for actuality, pieces to camera and interviews, use a variety of wired and wireless mics and if need be SoundDevices or SQN mixers.

I’m familiar with a wide range of lighting equipment from classic Redheads and Arri Juniors to Dedolights, KinoFlo and HMI’s and the newer LED based kit.

On the post-production side of things, I’m a capable Final Cut Pro editor, also with some Avid, basic After Effects, Premier, and other applications, both Mac OSX and Windows.

+44(0)7710 776 767

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